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It's difficult to self-promote

This is particularly true when shouting aloud in front of people I find incredibly talented – especially when those people already have designers they work with who they’re no doubt enamoured with because they’re ALSO incredibly talented.

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Nevertheless, you never know unless you try. Having made the move to Edinburgh last October I decided that this Fringe I was going to put on my big girl pants, take the reins, and try to attract more of the type of work I love: posters and flyers for performers. I love this kind of work; it's super varied and I get to chat to lots of very funny and interesting people who are really passionate about the shows they produce. During August it's hard to go anywhere in the city without being handed tonnes of flyers, and these are often people representing their own shows, especially when it comes to lesser-known comics who've entirely funded themselves to get up here. I thought it would be a good idea to swap their leaflets for one of my own - maybe a bit cheeky, but I thought if I made them more tongue-in-cheek like some of the Fringe shows, it'd be less of an obvious "Please Hire Me" move.

I’m not desperate, honest.

I asked my pal Holly for a helping hand to sort out my copy: she's a writer extraordinaire with a knack for grammar and for making sense of my scribbles, and she managed to whip them into shape beautifully. The other side of the leaflet displayed a handful of the work I've produced over the years, but I really wanted the copy to be the main attention grabbing point: after all, the leaflet had to compete against thousands strewn around the city that month.

During the Fringe it turned out that it's actually far more nerve-wracking flyering for your own business than I thought it'd be. I did try to hide behind a bin initially, but after some coaxing was gently eased into it by a Babybel and a promise of ice cream. I also had my excellent housemates and boyfriend helping me out, and some previous clients took a load to leave in the backstage areas (despite my protests that if it was too much hassle they could just put them into the bin, it’s really okay, honestly, please don’t go out your way).

My hope from this whole experience is that I might get a couple of jobs out of it, but I figured the worst case scenario is that I've added maybe one more slightly awkward laugh to the Fringe. I also realised that 1000 leaflets is approx. 500 too many, so in the spirit of waste not want not, If anyone would like a spare hundred or so to practice their paper airplanes give me a shout. I know that’s how I’ll be spending my September.


Click below to read them in their full glory:

Laura Whitehouse Flyer Design Edinburgh Fringe.jpg