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Here I will write a short introduction, waiting for Carina to send it over to me. It’s going to be about two short paragraphs long, so I guess ignore this for now until she’s sent it over.

I’m typing more words to demonstrate this point, I wonder if it’s obvious what’s going here yet. What a lovely shade of blue hey.

If you’re after an Edinburgh-based graphic designer with a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology, I might just be exactly who you’re looking for.


My relationship with design began as snatched moments with internships and freelance work, and after graduating I ran straight into the arms of my first true love, One: a small but mighty agency who wholeheartedly encouraged me with biscuits and office dogs. I was even let loose on account management, storyboarding, and our Instagram account, honing my craft with entertaining results.

And now, four years later, I've found myself fully settled up in balmy Edinburgh: willing, ready, and able to take on any design challenge you wish to throw my way. I can jazz up your marketing materials in a jiffy, refresh your branding to make you shine, and crack out a Squarespace website that's not only slick but also easy-peasy to update* - and all at an affordable price.

Want to work together? Crack out your typing hands and send me an email at if you reckon I can help you out. I'd love to hear from you!

* and thanks to Squarespace Circle, you’ll also get 20% off and six months to build your perfect site!


Selected clients

Hope & Glory PR

Imperial Enterprise Lab

The Guilty Feminist





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Squarespace Circle: what does it mean?

Squarespace Circle: what does it mean?